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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. No one is ready to handle a man fucking a fresh newborn.
  2. It did not even look real. It's the psychological effect, I guess. That's not even the worst scene, IMO. I mean, if it were real life, yea, but...not the worst scene in this movie.
  3. It was pretty bad. And the end, omg.
  4. How the HELL is that on YouTube?!
  5. I have NO idea! I was wondering if it was the real thing, until tits, blood, cock. And yea, that was that.
  6. His recollection?
  7. No thanks!
  8. Yeah, I'll pass.
  9. Me too. How does anyone want to watch that?
  10. Ask Apez. She's into that sorta thing.
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    Yeah @Applesauce I don't think I can't watch it. That whole baby thing (u know how I get with that stuff)

    On another note... #HappyGimore is on AMC right now... I'm gonna try to watch it..

    He's telling his GF off thru his intercom right now. Told her she's a shitty kindergarden teacher.

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    yea, I'm usually pretty sensitive to the child stuff, too.

    And yayyy, Happy Gilmore!

    "The price is WRONG, bitch!"
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    We were watching it at my neighborhood bar. Switching between that and the CNN coverage of the Dorner cabin fire.
  14. So ya it turns out I couldn't watch it.
    I fell asleep..
    And I'm getting up extra early today cuz I have to see my liver specialist today @ 7am and I need to be on my treadmill @ 430am instead of my usual 5am run.
  15. Ooh Juli I forgot how much I love In Bruges. Like some of those docs too, have you looked up Louis Theroux and all his stuff?
  16. I was gonna watch it last night, then I figured I wasn't in the mood for all that hate.
  17. WTF are you talking about Lil Anal Annie? You like what YOU like and I like what I like. I dont give a shit what your movie list is nor have i told you how wrong you are for watching them. and yes SCI/FI and Fantasy shit just isnt my cup of tea, just like (from your list) you prob cant handle a foreign film...

    gawd... always something with you. witch!
  18. Of course you will; you're a big fucking pussy about stuff like this. :fly:

    Time to try and send you lemonparty again. :wiggle: heeheheheh
  19. Omggg noooooooo.
  20. And I'm completely okay with that.