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Movie Favorites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Oh shit, that was him?

    I'm a leprechaaauunnn! I'm a leprechaaaaaaauuuuuuunnnnn!!!
  2. Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
  3. So was Carrie Fisher
  4. I am not sure we can still be friends... I will try but I don't see how I can get past you liking such a horrid, homoerotic movie... was Far & Away on your list too?

    yep she writes fiction but based on her life..she does it well and given her messed up childhood, autobio makes sense for her

    yep, he's actually had a decent career
  5. that movie was awesome...... which parts were homo-erotic?!?
  6. Niche actors usually do.

    Domon will know who, but that guy who plays anyone that has to be in full costume is one.
  7. 3 brothers all want the same girl (apparently there was only one in the area) and they all bounce between loving each other, hating each other, fighting with each other and then loving each other again...half the time without shirts and throw wrestling a bear in there for good measure

    there was a bit of homo in there (admittedly I saw it only once and years ago)
  8. omg, i totally forgot the role she was in for that movie...

    I'm dumb.
  9. and pitt's long hair didn't help



  10. Not to mention, by the end of the movie you come to realize that all 3 of those dudes got seriously fucked over by that bitch.
  11. Documentaries, indie & foreign films are the best.

    I didn't list any because I figured many wouldn't know what they were.

    Great documentaries:

    The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
    Dear Zachary
    After Porn Ends
    Jesus Camp
    Food, Inc.
    The Snowtown Murders
    Grey Gardens

    Foreign Films:
    Silenced (Korean)
    Treeless Mountain Mountain/70108548?trkid=438403

    Some Indie Movies:
    Mad World
  12. "Hairy Bushed Nun"
  13. I wanted to kill myself at the end
  14. you're so dramatic
  15. :lol:

    says the guy who thinks Kate Upton swallowed a city
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    I'm gonna check out some of these @Applesauce
    Thanks Mama
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    "Mad World" is sooo fucked up.

    "Snowtown Murders" too
  18. you two seem to be a fan of documentaries

    "Trembling before God" is pretty good about homosexuality in the Jewish world
  19. Dradle dradle dradle, I made you out of clay

    dradle dradle dradle, please don't turn me gay.
  20. I must watch these. I trust your judgment since you're a Madison fan.