Thread Fantasy Football 2011. The Thread


. . first name's "Daisy" boys
May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL
Who's playing this year.

I'm in two money leagues, and one for fun league this year. Won my money league last year.

This year, I had pick number 2 in the first draft. My larger money league, I have pick number one. It demolishes my entire drafting strategy since I'm typically used to being on the back end of the first round.

Do I go with the obvious RB choice. Or do I stick with my gut and grab a huge QB like Aaron Rodgers?

Can't shake the fact that All Day, in a contact year, with a system that screams 'focus on the run', might just be a monster this year.

Looks like I'm having a pretty decent year so far ;)


I'm 5-4-0 in my league. The league has too many players so the draft sucked and I got the shit end of the stick. lol
This week was the week I was supposed to finally lose. Instead, Vjax goes ballistic and scores me 32 points... Saves my ass to now try for 10-0.

In my other league, I'm 5-4.. But in 5th place and still in line for the playoffs. As long as I get in the playoffs in that league, I got a shot.

This perfect start in this league, though, has me all kinds of worried. Bad omen. Happened to me before where I went 12-1, and lost my first game in the playoffs.
next year I'm going to pick up all injured players in the draft so they heal up and come on strong at the end of the season when everyone else is getting injured.

I'd win every year if we ended in week 10.