exploding teeth!

That stuff is cool. You are still conscious and can carry on conversations and obey commands (such as if the doctor tells you to open your mouth wider), but you don't feel squat, and it has an amnesiac effect so you don't remember any of it either. I can only imagine some of the things people have said while under that stuff, bet the oral surgeons have some funny stories :fly:
sweet jebus. i know i keep bringing this thread back up but i needed a place to say that this hurts like a mother fucker and i hate the entire world in general. that and i think i've accidently swallowed more blood than is good for a person. somebody punch me in the face and/or kick a small child.

oh, and i dont know what happened but thanks to the surgeon i've got these two lovely cuts at the corners of my mouth, a la mini carver. i am so full of hate and anger.
Please don't smoke, use straws, or do anything that requires suction from your mouth. This sucks now, but dry socket sucks 100x worse. The day after is the worst and then it'll get better from there. Just try to hang in there and if its too much, drug up and get some more sleep.
InfluX said:
well that whole iv sedation thing is a magical thing indeed. i seem to vaguely recall feeling them scrape around a wee bit and for some reason i recall tears streaming down my face but i dont think it was because of pain. odd.

the procedure itself was what i was dreading the most and all worries about that went out the window literally two seconds after they got that iv hooked up. holy hell.

Silly girl. You were so worried about the procedure, but the healing process causes the most grief. Bloody cotton ball mouth is not fun....plus all the swelling on top of it. ICK! :barf:

Edit: I would also advise that you try to sleep through the next couple days as much as possible. Hope ya feel better soon! :heart:
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