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Everyone can calm down now

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Desslock, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. I'm finally here.
    Took you long enough. :mad:
  2. aw fuck, who told YOU about this place?
  3. Love your body, Larry.
  4. Some asswipe.
  5. remind me to kick his ass:mad:
  6. Are you kidding? You being here is more likely to get us all excited than to calm us down :eek:

  7. Oohhh :eek: :drool:
  8. :blackbunnah:
  9. omgomgomg :heart: hi! ^_^
  10. OMG ChikkenNoodul :eek: :heart:
  11. Hey baby :heart:
  12. :fly:

    It's good to see you here :)
  13. Hi2u Old man.

  14. :chikken: :heart:

    Good to see ya here
  15. Thank you. I like this place. I think I'll stay. ;)
  16. Thats good to hear:)
  17. YES