Epic scooter trip to Ohio!


Wants to kiss you where it stinks
Jun 9, 2006

So a friend of mine and I were planning a 3 week trip for the fall in January of this year. Things changed and he couldn't make it, so I formulated a plan to go visit my family in Cleveland via scooter.

Camping along the way (ninja as well as legitimate) should be a fun trip! Thoughts? Ideas? Still working out the return trip. I might just slab it back, who knows.

PS - No, I did not do the rainbow color on purpose, the website I parsed this with did. Nice touch, though.
Yeah the software did that for me, how nice of it!

Should take 7 days/6 nights of travel. The software split the tracks awkwardly.
Obviously love the rainbow look!

I hope you have fun doing this. Being the anti-camper I'm no help at all ;)
ah, thats below 50cc scooters. Above that is considered a motorcycle here and needs a motorcycle license.

They're still marketed as scooters if they're automatic and have an open floor board to stand on, iirc. You need a license above 50cc here, too.
Scooters are way popular in the motherlandddd.

I think I forgot to tell you guys this story about my recent trip to Miami. The day we rented a jet ski we had to drive a few miles down to public beach to find them. The public beach parking lots had zero car parking spots available at lot after lot. We wasted an hour looking for parking. Noticing there was tons of motorcycle/scooter parking I drove back to the condo and rented a scooter across the street to take us to rent the jet ski. :D