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FYI Environmentalist have jump the shark-Shown their true colors

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Atan Nolme, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. No Pressure: New environmental campaign glorifies eco-fascism

  2. For every ten percent they save, I'm increasing my emissions 20%.
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    pretty fucked up vid.
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    Now that's good stuff
  5. Man. I'm gonna save the environment.
  6. brb, burning tires
  7. brb, cooking baby seals on fly's tire fire
  8. Woould you like some ground hippy flakes? They smell terrible, but do add a nice earthy flavor.
  9. Quick question.

    When did Aratoeldar gain the grammatical skills of a chinese spammer?

    Did you accidentally the entire post?
  10. I've got some used motor oil you could toss on there for some extra flavour.
  11. oh man, YES. as long as it's not synthetic
  12. Pure dead dino baby.

    I use the synthetic stuff to fry eggs.
  13. You should kill a blue whale, and cut just the the small little 1 yard of fat from behind the top dorsal fin as a catalyst for the smoker. Do this for each baby seal cooked. Discard the rest of the blue whale.
  14. Well that's just wasteful, I'd at least send a cubic foot of whaleparts to each person on the Greenpeace subscriber list.
  15. I see your 20% and raise you another 20%.
  16. Also, I just got back from pouring my used oil and leftover paint down the rain gutter.
  17. I am now lobbing 65% more industrial waste onto the burn piles!

    I WILL NOT BE OVER-POLLUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!