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Oct 13, 2004
I called my aunt a bitch when I was about 5...I was not amused that she was dragging me home from the pool at the end of the day when my buddies were still hanging out....she said,"ahhhh, Christopher, what did you say?" :fly:

bear in mind my younger aunts and uncle are closer to my age than my mom's thanks to a huge irish family so she's really more of a sister

Thorn Bird

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May 24, 2005
my siblings and i promised the youngest brother a piece of gum if he would go to show our dad the bird. he did, he got in trouble, and he's still pissed that he never got that piece of gum.

i taught the neighbor kids the f-word by telling them to replace every first letter of "yankee doodle" with an f.

you did it just now, didn't you? :fly: