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GAY Encourage those you know to come out of the closet, please

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 17, 2010.

  1. For the benefit of all, please help and instruct those who you suspect are in the closet to come out. It is vitally important so as to prevent things like this:

    Rekers is just the newest case of the dangers of the closet and denying the truth about yourself. Time and time again, case after case, closeted gays are so put off by their desires they seek to destroy the lives of innocent people have more maturity to accept who they are and embrace it.

    The clinical prescription of physical torture of 4 year olds for the subjective characteristic of "acting effeminate" is just about as low as you can go.

    The more people know gay people, the more people will understand. Funny enough there is a magnitude more gay people than Jews in the US, but who is more accepted with full rights and protections? It's not even about minority at this point. It's about preventing torture of innocent children in the future and in the present.

    And coming out of the closet doesn't require a cover page on People magazine or a spot on Oprah. It just has to start being comfortable in your own skin and fulfilling your desires as you see fit. If someone asks you, respond truthfully and proudly, not ashamed. What would be the worst that would happen? You would be tortured? That's what happens when you stay in the closet.
  2. i wouldn't tell anyone to do anything because it's not my concern
  3. When the spawn of your loins is driven to suicide because no one can understand him/her and laws are against him/her for their very being, come back to me.
  4. didn't you learn in the previous thread that this is not a stick to beat a catholic in northern ireland with?

    try another angle
  5. What? Who said anything about religion? Rekers didn't do any of this with a bent to religion of any kind. It was all "science" for him and the organization he started, NARTH and Family Council.

    It certainly doesnt' have to do with Catholicism. At least this argument.
  6. you're saying laws in place prevent this and that, and that paths in life are not being made open to people who are homosexual. i'm saying this isn't something to use to coerce anything from me. exactly the same thing happened here for a very long time and a very scant amount of people gave a shit.

    so you're talking to someone who's family has been subject to discrimination, and who personally has been subject to discrimination because of that 'faith' that i was born into - whether i practice or not. this isn't a good road to go down if you're trying to illicit sympathy - because we sure as shit didn't get any.

    its tiring to see assholes on tv yammering on about the plight of muslims in england, and whoever else is fashionable to take up a cause with. i wonder where these people were for oh... 200 years?
  7. lol!

    Looks like you are contradicting yourself here.. I can't help women who were Burqas, because it's not my place to help free people from religious oppression, but I must go and help free people from sexual oppression..
  8. Zac, it's about time....
  9. Why do gay people have to come out at all? Nobody should have to declare their sexuality.
  10. I am sorry, I misread your first post.

    As to the Muslims in England and were they 200 years, I would argue they weren't there 200 years ago at all. Of course the issue du jour then was women's rights or campaigns for the plight of orphans.

    You don't think it would help your plight if you had discussions with those that discriminate you rather than beat or insult you or worse? Do you hate that you are a Catholic (at least born into it) so much you seek to destroy other Catholics?
  11. Again Burqas do not automatically mean women's discrimination, nor is the mandatory. The woman can have the choice of not practicing that sect of that religion or even not practicing that religion entirely. It is an issue, however, in those nations that require such garments by law, however.
  12. If my son turns out to be gay I won't care at all. And if anyone ever attempts to harm him for any reason I will torture and murder them and consume their flesh in a tribal ritual.
  13. I say leave these closets alone!
  14. Declare their sexuality, no. Not lie about yourself, yes. The closet isn't a billboard that is just covered; when you walk out of the closet you take away the covering for all to see. It is not playing the pronoun game when someone asks you what you did this weekend when you were on a date. It is being comfortable talking about your adventures or proud of your partner's promotion and telling your coworkers about it. It is not about deflecting answering the question about what your wife's name is when someone sees a wedding ring on your finger (I got asked that 3 times this weekend).
  15. It's not the only part of "they don't understand me". Not only did they not understand this kid in the story, but that ignorance bred needless physical abuse from a clinician and mental trauma from institutionalizing change of unchangeable behaviors.
  16. But the parents in the story were ignorant about homosexuality and didn't know where to turn, so they went to this man and his organization to prevent their son from turning gay in the first place. You know what being a homosexual means, or at least have a reasonable idea. You are a step ahead.

    Had these parents known someone else gay, they could have learned from them instead of asking for help from a quack closet case who was probably in the same boat when he hit puberty; no one to go to for help.
  17. If most homophobic people would come out of the closet, there would be a lot less homophobic people and a lot more support.
  18. Oh whatever.. You know that a majority of those women are made to by religious beliefs. Religious beliefs that also oppress homosexuality..
  19. don't know what the first part of your post was about - sorry.

    discussions? didn't work until the 90s - and only after a sustained campaign by a outlawed group.

    i don't hate that i am a catholic - nor do i hate other catholics. i do perhaps have a little disdain for the less educated/bigots among my ranks, but they exist on both sides.