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Halp Electrical people, help with a car project?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mr. Asa, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. So what this car will have, based on the above sketch:

    (1) A center-off switch that switches between nothing, parking lights only and parking lights + headlights
    (2) A second switch that toggles the headlights between high beam and low beam.

    Wiring looks OK.
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    Glad to hear, I was mildly proud of myself for realizing I could use those two terminals for the low/high beams. I need more familiarity with a catalog of parts to figure out what I could actually do. One of my professors told me about that first switch, I had seen them but had never realized how they worked.

    I figure I'll put the rest of it together and stuff it in the car in the next day or so. Any changes in fuse amperage? 5 amps for the driving/parking lights and 20 for the headlights?

    Built the fuse-holder and relay holding bits to be able to hold half a dozen more circuits if I find I need something.
    With the start of rainy weather wipers are a mild concern, but I'm still exhaust, insurance, and registration away from driving regularly.
  3. Figure out how many amps your bulbs all require and add their currents up - eg, a 55W headlight at 12V draws 55/12 = 4.58A, so about 10A for your headlights. I'd set the fuse, wire and relay ratings for double that.
  4. Cool, I'll go through and figure those out tomorrow.
  5. Why did they ever retire the floor high beam switch? That shit was great.
  6. Smaller cabs/floorspace I would bet. Corrosion and dirt from the feet would eventually cause issues as well.
  7. why, when you can have it at your fingertips with the rest of your light controls?
  8. Why not both?
  9. Road salt would destroy a foot-actuated switch in a hurry.
  10. No worries about that down here. :D
  11. They're ridiculous aluminum buttons, I think it would take a lot of salt to eat it away.
  12. Fuckers are BRIGHT
  13. They are called headlights....
  14. Previous headlights were not that bright. I changed from sealed glass units to a removable bulb type
  15. Post pics
  16. I have several updates I need to do actually. Finals next week though, so it'll be a couple weeks