Eileen's Kittah

Sarcasmo said:
I recently had my kitty fitted with a thrust kit.


How much free time do you have??!?
eileenbunny said:
I am still sure I want the kitty no matter how evil. Perfect for minion duties.

:) she's far from evil...but she might be spoiled rotten by the time you get your hands on her
Honestly, I'm still unsure. Eileen is going to call me today to work out the details. It seems that she will be in ATL this weekend sometime and intends on making a mini trek to Savannah to pick up the Kitty.

Unfortunately, I will be out of town when Eileen gets here so she and thrawn will meet Blondie and get the kitten. If pics are to be had they will have to be taken by Eileen/Thrawn...I doubt blondie will get into that much.

After that I will be kittenless but we are getting our puppy on Friday evening so one will leave and another will come to stay.
my friend is part of a courrier service. you could hire him to go to savannah, get the cat, and bring it to my house. :fly: