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Food Eating seasonally

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. And another one to add as seasonal now is cardoon which we've just stopped growing.
  2. Alright DJB, I think you're just making shit up now.
  3. I've heard of portobella, but not this wackiness.
  4. You have never heard of Porcini mushrooms?
  5. i've not heard of portobella, but I've heard of portobello.

    also, they're often called cremini when they're not fully mature
  6. Whatever!
  7. I'm about to go eat some tomatoes and cottage cheese right now, then I might run after I get kids from school. See me being all healthy.
  8. I also just realize I typed that in the wrong thread, but I'm out of care for the day, so meh.
  9. wait, im not the only person on earth who eats cottage cheese with varying fruits and veggies?

    Big bowl'o'cottagecheese + strawberries or + tomatoes or + green beans or + tomatoes or + pineapple or + blueberries or + applesauce

    I also put cottage cheese on ramen noodles.

    I love cottage cheese.
  10. Never put it on ramen noodles but cottage cheese and fruit is delicious!
  11. high five for actually enjoying cottage cheese.
  12. thought this was a bear hibernation thread
  13. If I link how to make homemade cottage cheese will you do it and tell me if it's easy and/or worth it?
  14. Ramen Noodles are disgusting.
  15. No need to link, ive seen it. Both that an mozzarella. Unfortunately milk prices around me make it cost ineffective, it actually ends up more expensive than buying it at 5 bucks a gallon
  16. they are pretty gross. I havent had them in years now that i think aboiut it
  17. Well hmph, maybe I'll just have to give in and try it myself one of these days.
  18. Wtf? Milk at say, Walmart is only $2.29! You telling me that over in Maryland, (which isn't far from me), milk is double the price??
  19. maryland dairy unions.