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In Her Majesty's Secret Cervix
Feb 10, 2010
Robin Hoodland
I prefer Cavolo Nero otherwise known as black kale. A black vegetable you shouldn't keep away from. Except it isn't really black.
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Robotic Dexter
May 19, 2011
Anyone ever bothered doing this? I might give it a whirl as of next week, partly because it will be much cheaper, but partly for the environment blah blah transport fuel pollution. After checking some UK sites the following seem to be in season this month:

Kale Isnt that thing they use to decorate the side of the plate when you have a burger that you're not supposed to eat :p ?
Carrots ehhh, do not want
Baby leeks good with this
Baby tomatoes good with thi
Basil awesome with this
Brown onion wtf is this
Brussel sprouts never actually had
Cara potatoes wtf is this
Cauliflower nope.
Celeriac never had, but curious
Celery delicious in soups/dishes
Cep mushrooms wtf is this
Chicory thats not food.
Desiree potatoes wtf is this
Flat beans beans are tasty
Ginger yes
Green Cabbage yes
Leeks mmmmm, leek soup
Purple sprouting broccoli wtf is this
Red cabbage okay
Savoy cabbage okay
Shallots mmmm
Peppers good stuff

With most of them still in season next month. So, that being said come up with some meals I can do with the veg and minimal extras (a pasta, rice etc), preferably ones that use the same ingredients so I don't have to waste anything. Anyone else want to try out only eating seasonal fruit and veg? @APRIL ?

There we go, my unasked for opinions
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Dec 9, 2008
Unrefined plebs, the lotta ya.


OK, so I HAVE been on some snobby food sites, though. And that has come thru in my baking stuffs. I will be venturing out more to the actually lunch/dinner food variety!


The Gypsy-The Acid Queen
Dec 9, 2008
I never said it was?
I just said it was good.