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Food Eating seasonally

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Omg, looove the crunch so much!
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    I prefer Cavolo Nero otherwise known as black kale. A black vegetable you shouldn't keep away from. Except it isn't really black.
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    There we go, my unasked for opinions
  4. Brussel Sprouts are actually quite good if you saute them with some garlic an a slice or two of bacon all chopped up.
  5. Isn't it just dark purple?
  6. Surprised at how unknown so many vegetables are :confused:

    Don't you watch fancy cooking shows people??? Celeriac puree is a staple of food snobs.
  7. Think I had that from you before
  8. Celeriac mash. Awesome.
  9. Werd.
  10. i prefer celeriac remoulade
  11. No!
  12. Unrefined plebs, the lotta ya.
  13. Well, that's not very healthy! :fly:
  14. :lol:

    OK, so I HAVE been on some snobby food sites, though. And that has come thru in my baking stuffs. I will be venturing out more to the actually lunch/dinner food variety!
  15. I never said it was?
    I just said it was good.
  16. [​IMG]