Earthquake causes the days to become shorter


Oct 15, 2004
OMG Seriously, what will we do?

Tom Skilling, WGN-TV chief meteorologist
Aftermath of the earthquake: Shorter days

Published December 28, 2004

Incredibly, the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck off Sumatra on Sunday morning caused a vertical displacement of so much material that the rotation period of the Earth has been permanently altered. By a tiny but measurable amount, the Earth is now rotating more quickly on its axis, and the 24-hour day is now one ten-thousandth second shorter.That's the result of calculations based on preliminary data made by Oak Park astronomer Dr. Leslie M. Golden. It's analogous to the increase in rotational speed that a twirling ice skater experiences when he or she draws in their arms. It is estimated that during the Sumatran quake, a block of material roughly 600 miles in length and 100 miles in width fell 30 feet closer to the Earth's axis of rotation. The planet has responded by rotating more rapidly, albeit ever so slightly, and our 24-hour days are now one ten-thousandth second shorter.

So about every 27 years, everyone will lose one second of their life. Just think of what you could have done with those precious extra seconds. It almost brings a tear to my eye.
NOOOOOO!!! Don't take my precious seconds away! Please...noooo! :(

Oh, well, I'll just make the most of the seconds I have left :D
Get on a plane heading east. Time goes slower that way and should offset it. Of course, being on a plane for 27 years will suck, but meh.
"based on preliminary data" - in other words "we thought it'd be fun to fuck around with the world by saying crazy shit".