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Tampa Duke come back!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. We miss you buddy! :heart:
  2. I have a hot lunch for you :hi2u:
  3. I have some cold lunch.

    Ice cold.

    With a frosty mug.
  4. He posted once in the last week somewhere.
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  6. Still around man. Just busy. June was an ass kicker. :)

    I got something in the mail recently ;)
  7. Make it a hot-carl and my love for you is complete. :heart:
  8. Who's June? an why is she an ass licker?
  9. :happy:
  10. Oh! Kicker.
  11. Done and done!
  12. Sweet!

    You coming up for it?
  13. Checking. I want to, but have to coord time off.
  14. Ahh gotcha. Hope you make it though :heart:

    You could carpool with Ape and Zac! :fly:
  15. they are driving up?
  16. nah, I was kidding about the carpool.

    But if they are coming too y'all could fly together or something.

    And scare the flight attendants. :shifty:
  17. Wait, Tampa people are coming?

    Man, I gotta get my babboon suit to the ass polisher this week.
  18. this sounds like a badass babboon suit.
  19. I'd like something in the mail from you. gee bee el get on that thx
  20. Sadly I just don't think we can make it. Got travel to Texas at the end of this month, then a big vacation in October to NY. :hs: