drug deals and the people who participate...

I'd be willing to bet that it wasn't a drug deal, those don't usually take place on main roads. Don't get me wrong though, I've bought drugs in some pretty ballsy spots before, but never right off the main road. Plus, any time I've ever gotten them from a dude in a car, I'm inside that car too. You can't just stand out in the open.

and, mescaline chocolates = :drool:
what the fuck were you cutting ppl off for like that man, he has drug deals to do
BigDov said:
I'll agree with this 100%.

Nev, whatever gave you the idea that I would know about drugs??? The fuck's wrong with you man?

I thought all the gay dudes knew where to get the good drugs??
Idiot, unless you saw a card or a sticker on the car that said XXX Pharmicist it wasn't a drug deal. Unless you are proposing a regular person can sell drugs? :lol: