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Lot's Salty Wife
Nov 16, 2010
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It's been almost a month without a poem! Here's one about my current period.


Once a month without consent
A torrent rushes
Gushing out with no let up
This red river draining my energy
Comes with a heavy lethargy
A surge of hormones
Out of control

This womb is a prison
Unwelcome and uncalled for
Not needed. Not asked for
It has no mind for my wishes
It fucks up my mind
It plays havoc with my insides

This period of 'womanhood'
Is a curse, no blessing
Trapped in this body against my will
With a crying
A sickness
A pain.
A rage
A sadness
A shame.

There's no pride in period
No celebration
Just a loss of productivity
No joy in the blood letting
No stopping it
Stuck in this frame

An appendix I don't need
A facet of my being
Determining my mood
'Hysteria'? Oh I can show you that
That's my body's way
Of telling you what's up

You see I got a river flowing out of me
And you can't build a dam
Or put a cork in it
It's unrelenting and unforgiving
I fucking hate it
This fucking suffering
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