Don't forget about the kids in PG


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Sep 30, 2004
I'd really like you encourage you guys to go and visit the new kids in the PG. Since we've tweaked the rules a bit, newcomers must post intro threads. Since we're forcinig them to post to get out, I'm seeing some interesting posts. There seems like some cool and funny people there. Makes me hopeful this place will keep getting better and better.

So remember, they're the future. Drop in and say hello. Get to know them. Who knows, you might meet your next online bud down there.
as soon as work stops raping me and i can visit this place more than three times a day, i'll be around.


ps - told you guys i'd be a crappy mod.
Thanks to you guys and girls that are going in there and getting to know the noobs. As you can see, some of them are freaky and will fit in great around here.