Docking is quite possibly the worst activity in the world


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Jun 12, 2005
Atlanta (Lilburn, Stn Mtn)
The best thing in the world is a corporate moving package. The last 2 moves (Nashville to Birmingham and Birmingham to Atlanta) were paid for by my company. The day before the movers show up, the packing company arrives and packs all my stuff into labelled boxes. The movers show up the next day, load the boxes on their truck, drive it to my new location, and unload the boxes. Then another group from the packing company shows up and unpacks everything and carries the empty boxes away.

All I have to do is pack/move/unpack my valuables (guns, jewelry, computers) and point at where I want desks, couches, etc unloaded. I always provide plenty of free pizza and cold drinks for the packers/unpackers/movers and I've never had anything lost or stolen.

Would never try to move myself again.