Do yuo want a free iPod?

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CletusJones: hallo?
Sales Assistant: hi there, how can i help you?
CletusJones: i wood liek 2 lern moar aboot teh free ipad offar.
CletusJones: how can i get my free ipad?
CletusJones: ru there?
Sales Assistant: hi, i can send you that information by email if you like?
CletusJones: you can't just tell me now?
CletusJones: we're already chatting and everything.
Sales Assistant: ok, you need to sign up for the reseller hosting and move 30 sites to it in the first month
CletusJones: 30 sites?!
CletusJones: that's quite a lot.
CletusJones: what if i don't have 30 sites?
Sales Assistant: many resellers do move more than 30 in the first month, 30 is the current offer but we do other offers throughout they year
CletusJones: since i don't know 30 people, would it maybe be better if i wait?
Sales Assistant: how many sites do you have to move?
CletusJones: about 15.
CletusJones: 16 if you would like a site with my hosting company.
CletusJones: my prices are very reasonable.
Sales Assistant: thanks
CletusJones: really?
CletusJones: did you want to sign you then?
CletusJones: *up
Sales Assistant: i'm sorry, we don't need such a service
Sales Assistant: do you have any other questions?
CletusJones: i can't give you a free ipad, but my hosting services are very fast and reliable. are you sure you don't need hosting?
Sales Assistant: yes thanks. If we can be of any help in the future please dont hesitate to get in touch
CletusJones: okay, but you have made me cry.
CletusJones: i'm feeling suicidal.
CletusJones: nobody has ever rejected me in such a cold manner before.
Sales Assistant: i'm sorry, i didnt intend to offend you. do you have any more questions for today regarding our reseller hosting?
CletusJones: well, i have one more question.
Sales Assistant: bye
CletusJones: what are you doing tonight?
CletusJones: i'm lonely and need a friend.
CletusJones: i don't feel that i should be alone.
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