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Do your parents ever comment on your sex life?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by crazymike, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. My mom does in round about ways and it kind of creeps me out.

    She told me to stop sleeping with girls I just met, etc... she said it's not natural. I could see if I was some major player with a different girl everynight. But I can only think of 2-3 times where a girl spent the night that my mom didn't know before. But what worries me is why my mom thinks I have sex with them.

    Also, one time I was away and my mom was letting my brother use my room so she cleaned out my dressor. I was kind of pissed off, but what the hell. When I got home she had stolen the condoms from the drawer. WHAT THE HELL?

    Who else has parents who DON'T pretend their kids are innocent virgins?
  2. haha, i have a dont ask dont tell policy. girls never sleep over when my parents are around. they know i have sex, but i dont LET them know, and they dont often comment on it
  3. I don't have sex with my parents so there's really nothing for us to talk about anymore.

  4. my parents told me i need to go on a date. me getting laid is the last thing on their mind.
  5. My mom WANTS me to have more sex
    Mostly because she wants grand kids
  6. So did I, until I got preggers :lol:
  7. what sex life? im a good girl. ;)

  8. I never comment on it, but sometimes girls spend the night. But it's not like we have super loud monkey sex. For all they know I'm sleeping on the couch in my room and the girl has the bed.

  9. She wants you to procreate?

    I don't know which aspect of that concept scares me more.
  10. still, parents assume sex

    and they're right to do it. i wouldnt want any of my kids with members of the opposite sex in the same room all night
  11. Be honest with yourself...riiiiiiight.

  12. ya
    and she KNOWS what I was like as a kid too
    I think shes getting senile

  13. I'm 21, I think can make these decisions :p

    plus, I think my moms a whore.

    She went to school with Mike Meyers. And I know that he liked her. I bet she banged him and won't admit it. Because she tries to avoid talking about it. But it's kind of neat to think that a little bit of Mike Meyers dribbled down the same legs my common sense did.
  14. Totally :drool:

  15. Or she wants to punish you...

  16. That is the most likely answer

  17. I've gotten the same routine from mine.

    "Someday, I hope you have kids that act just like you!"
    Yeah, mom was always a lot of fun when we got to visit her in the institution... That great jacket kept her from doing anything to us...
    Good times..
  18. If the past is any kind of indicator, I need to start saving bail money for my kids now
  19. How about a comment FROM a mom?

    I know my daughter isn't totally "innocent". We've had quite a few talks on the subject, and I have a pretty good idea what her status is. I feel that it's better to have the subject open. I'm rational enough to know that telling her who she should or shouldn't have sex with when the time comes isn't likely to work, it sure wouldn't have worked for me at her age. Instead, I give her advice, tell her what I think, and she has to make that decision for herself. For the most part she has made decisions that make me proud of her :)
  20. is it bad when they encourage it?