Do you think astronauts pleasure themselves while in space?

Long term you have to have some form of gravity or the muscle degenerate too fast. I'm pretty sure it also does internal damage if you go too long with out gravity.
Better yet, how does the gay thread get like 19 pages???

oh yeah, fly runs this forum, forgot, hehe

Says the man that has almost as many posts in the gay thread as the man who started the thread
I have a better question. Why does a thread about astronaut self gratification get more posts than a discussion thread about censorship? :confused:

I keep posting in there but I think my posts keep getting nabbed by the censors.
I think I am usually the top poster in most threads from my rambling non sense but yes, it was a good thread and do you wanna hump about it? hehe
I wonder if flatulence can be used as propultion in microgravity.

Pure physics answers that question with a resounding 'Yes'. But functionally it would be difficult. First you have the problem of diffusing the flatus through clothes. (yeah, I watch mythbusters what of it?) So you'd pretty much have to be naked for it to work. Then you have the issue of force produced. I'm pretty sure those SBD's we're so proud of would have your forward motion measured in meters per hour. Next you have to take directional capability into consideration. Would a person with an anal polyp be perpetually known as left-turn-luke?

The biggest question of all though... How are you ever going to find a Taco Bell in space?
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