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Halp Do you read/post here from your phone?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, May 25, 2010.

  1. If so, how do you do it? Is it functional enough for you? Got a site that does it better?
  2. It seems to work okay, I use the "mobile view" option in Opera but the standard UF theme, not the mobile theme.

    I know there was one simple thing that would've made it easier but it escapes me at the moment.....

    Never tried posting anywhere else from my phone, only surfing.
  3. Works fine on my iPhone using the regular theme with the exception of no scroll bar showing up when there is enough text to warrant it in a Reply with quote text box.
  4. Every day. Gosh darn thing loves to double post. :p
  5. I have been a bunch from work, since some dumbass got busted for sleeping at work and now were being "watched"
    Works fine on the normal view , except for random double posts.
  6. on the regular blackberry browser I use mobile theme but now I use opera mobile....which really sucks for posting on forums. I don't bother with the mobile view on that, though.
  7. I would never do such a thing!
  8. ya, from my ipod sometimes. the no quoting sucks but otherwise okay
  9. I don't use the mobile theme (the one that looks like it was made in the 80's) it's too limiting and I'd rather wait for the page to load than to be limited in ability. :hs:
  10. Well crap, I go to see whats running over there and his site is down. :mad:
  11. is that an option?
  12. Everything is slower with the new update.
  13. He's running the exact same style that I am. Whats different?
  14. this sucks?

    told you i hated the update.
  15. I don't have slowness issues. :/
  16. Yeah he's too quick. :(