Do you ever get tired of the intarweb?


I Robert I

I've come to the conclusion that the intarwebnet is boring, boring boring boring! GAH. I just go to my usual forums in an endless circle and find nothing of interest at all.

I'm going to become a lurker. I have nothing to contribute.


</semi rant>
Just because the few things you look at are boring doesnt mean the entire intarweb is boring.
Either seek out new things or just step away from the computer for a while.
Internet is probably the only thing that can keep my attention for hours. I lubb it...

But I go outside periodically.
I think its mostly just a matter of how much time you spend on it.
I have other hobbies and persuits away from the keyboard so I guess that keeps it from getting too dull. Plus a newfound interest in webcomics has me finding all kinds of groovy stuff;)
Pandora said:
Same here. It's better going home and zoning out in front of a tv like the rest of America.
That's how I see it. I rarely watch tv, and I pick up more info hanging out online.
Forrest Dump said:
reality tv is lame
and seriously, how many versions of law&order and CSI do we need?
I don't watch much reality tv. There is so much more out there.
Pancake Wagon said:
I don't watch much reality tv. There is so much more out there.
What like Buffy and Lost?