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Ontopic Do u think there's a way to prevent your partner from sexin' up others?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Applesauce, Mar 1, 2010.

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    So, Liam and I were discussing just a second ago about jealousy within relationships. And not in an argument for those evil grinning tards out there! :mad:

    It was that I'm pretty darned passive and usually just let the man do whatever he wants in terms of going out, boys time, etc...

    And I said that maybe that's what happened in my last relationship. I didn't care when he went out, even for weekend trips, etc. I never called to "check up" on him like I see so many womenz do. I never understood why?! You're out having fun and you have to answer calls from your S.O. ..."soooo, whatt're yooou doin?" I'm mean really. People need their time with their friends and away from their home life. It's a respect that I've always had.

    My ex said I was the only one amongst his friend's S.O'.'s that didn't do that, (calling him while he was out.
    And now look, we've divorced and I find out that he's been a cheatin' bastard the whole time anyway. :eek:

    So, my question is, how effective it is when a woman makes herself a bit more nosy with her man and when he goes out? Is her phone presence enough to make a man stop and think sometimes? How much is too much, to make her a meddling bitch?

    This goes got men, too.

  2. You talk about your ex a lot

  3. *backing away from thread*
  4. the hell. it was a scenario that we just discussed, so it's a question worth asking, IMO.

  5. If a person wants to cheat, they will. You can't make them not want to. Some people just don't give a shit about monogamy, even if they are genuinely in love with their spouse/partner. People are weird.
  6. Serious reply:

    In general I avoid my partners cheating by just not dating cheating assholes. It's worked really well for me so far.
  7. shyt, i get checked on all the time. :waw:
  8. See, that's my take, too.
  9. Like when you go out? Are you allowed to go out? lolllll
  10. LOL.

    How do you check that, Carys?? There is no way to find this out unless it's an obvious town hound that everyone knows about.
  11. :lol:
  12. Invisible fence.
  13. chastity devices
  14. lol at untrusting relationships. if you have to try to prevent someone from cheating, you're probably with the wrong person.
  15. This. And Julee seems to think it's naive to be in a relationship where you're 99.99999% sure your partner won't cheat. If I'm 99.9999% sure then yeah I'm pretty confident saying he's not a cheating asshole.
  16. right. I believe its going to happen no matter what you do in some case.
  17. Don't stay long enough that they get bored.
  18. Hence you either don't date those people or you abort abort abort as soon as you think your relationship is going down that road.
  19. Wtf are you on about o' naive Carys is thee?

    The truth is, you have no idea if you're partner is EVER going to cheat in your life with them.

    LOL@"He said he doesn't cheat! So, I believe him! I'm 99% confident in this relationship!"
  20. blah blah you can't change people. people can only change themselves, and often that's even impossible.