Do bad things really happen in 3s?

I forgot my tobacco this morning. Had to spend the money in my wallet to make sure I had cigs at work.
I got my course fees paid but won't get any money til October to pay off the overdraft that needs to be paid by the end of the week (I was counting on the money this week - not next month!!)
My hospital decided to cancel all our bus cards (which I use to get to work) and not tell us about it so today I got on the bus and my card was declined. No idea how I'm getting to work for the rest of the month cos my money is tied up in bills.

Waiitng for my fourth and fifth things to happen today. It's only 4pm so a few more hours for everything to fuck up.
True, I'll find a way. I have a few things I've been meaning to sell off for a while now, guess this is a good excuse. I just hate this shit landing on me. I just want a stress free month where stuff doesn't fuck up. :mad:

If I gave up smoking I'd be mad as a hatter like you. Maybe you should start up again. ^___^ ;)