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Do bad things really happen in 3s?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Cos at the moment they happen in multiple of 5s or 10s for me. :mad:


  2. When it rains, it pours.
  3. Amen. My life at the moment is one big stupid rollercoaster of 'oh that's nice' 'oh that's nice' 'oh fuck i'm fucked' 'oh shitting hell' 'GRRRRR' 'I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE' 'oh that's nice'.
  4. I hope things improve NME.
  5. I forgot my tobacco this morning. Had to spend the money in my wallet to make sure I had cigs at work.
    I got my course fees paid but won't get any money til October to pay off the overdraft that needs to be paid by the end of the week (I was counting on the money this week - not next month!!)
    My hospital decided to cancel all our bus cards (which I use to get to work) and not tell us about it so today I got on the bus and my card was declined. No idea how I'm getting to work for the rest of the month cos my money is tied up in bills.

    Waiitng for my fourth and fifth things to happen today. It's only 4pm so a few more hours for everything to fuck up.
  6. Thanks. I hate stress. It's fucking horrible.
  7. True, I'll find a way. I have a few things I've been meaning to sell off for a while now, guess this is a good excuse. I just hate this shit landing on me. I just want a stress free month where stuff doesn't fuck up. :mad:

    If I gave up smoking I'd be mad as a hatter like you. Maybe you should start up again. ^___^ ;)
  8. Some scotch should cure that right up.
  9. Got any scotch sir?
  10. Chikken - my life has been having bad things happen in it ever since I stopped drinking. Coincidence?
  11. So you're saying I should take up a cocaine habit instead of smoking cigs? I'm down with that.
  12. Sure, I'll fax ya some right now.
  13. Uh Chikken my fax machine said "incoming mail", beeped a few times then stopped working, something to do with a "technical fault - call engineer".

    You did package the scotch up right instead of freepouring?
  14. I hit the 'start scotch fax' button on the front of my machine, does yours support the 4F format?
  15. Mine has an autocollect feature but it has to be sent into the depot for storage and maturing first. Do I need an upgrade?
  16. Hmm, could be a translation issue, as long as it didn't dump out the low wines we might get it to work.

    I'll try a driver upgrade.
  17. it may be a simple whisky/whiskey translation error.
  18. Combine the bad habits and just take up crack smoking. I hear it's good for weight loss.
  19. no

    superstitions are supertarded
  20. I know nothing about fax machines.