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WTF Disgusting co-worker habits

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by wetwille, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. First thing each morning I have to powwow with a co-worker for about 10 minutes. She wipes her nose straight up her face with her hand. Like 2-3 times a minute.:barf:
    I suppose it's better she is "non-hawt".
    yes she's blond - not sure if it's bottle or booger. :rolleyes:
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  2. We have a loud chewer. Slurps too.
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  3. I had a coworker who had a mail-order bride from Korea and she sent him with kimchi for lunch every day.

    So we had to put up with the kimchi smell at lunch time, and the kimchi farts all afternoon.
  4. Not sure of her diagnoses but I worked with a woman who had mental issues. Sometimes she'd go off her meds. Very sad. Sometimes terrifying.
  5. #oralwithkimichichick :barf:

    My boss . Go in the men's john(only 2 guys here . . . ), there is always a piece of TP in the bowl, staring up with a brown splotch on it. Apparentlty my boss has some anal leakage issue and goes in there and wipes a few times a day. Flush Forest, FLUSH!!! He also fasts 2-3 days at a time - woo hoo does he get nutz during that shit!! Just talking about it makes the one lady wipe her nose even faster. I think.o_O
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  6. This kind of shit is why my personal best for endurance in an office environment has been 2 weeks and that was a long time ago.
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  7. Did you chew kimchi loudly during a psychotic break?
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  8. The engine grease hadn't worn out of my hands yet so I didn't have soft skin and impeccably clean nails like the other "men" and I got real fuckin tired of people trying to motivate me.
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  9. Fuckers.
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    Did you have motivational meetings where you were expected to join in on a cheer? :lol:
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  11. I had a guy eating a jar of salsa with a spoon for lunch one day and couldn't figure out if he was genius or insane. The next week he was eating a jar of sauerkraut for lunch, so i think insane won out.
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  12. He might be from Nova Scotia. Getting sauerkraut on the side of your plate instead of coleslaw is a common thing here, hell some places serve up a plate of sauerkraut as a main dish.

    I love the stuff. Probably won't eat a jar of it though, because sauerkraut farts are up there with kimchi and egg salad.
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  13. I usually get some extra sauerkraut on the side.
    When available.
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  14. My new office mate breathes like Darth Vader. Probably because of the extra 250 pounds he is carrying around on his lard ass.
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  15. His name isn't Bill is it?
    We just lost a heavy breather a few months ago.
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  16. Nah, not Bill.

    Kid is tragic-avalanche-fat, though.
  17. Our guy too. Couldn't walk into a room without heavy breathing and soaked from sweat. Really big guy.
  18. Wow, sounds like he changed his name and moved.

    I honestly feel bad for him.
  19. :lol:
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  20. Don't be so damn dramatic, Darth has only been gone a few days.
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