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Dinner w/ lemon_fresh - what would you like?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by lemon_fresh, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. If I were to invite you over to my house for dinner, what would you like me to cook for you?
  2. Depends on what you could cook.
  3. He's a good cook.

  4. Personally, I'm always a fan of a nice steak... barring that, pasta dishes can be nice, and homemade pizza is always good (dbzeag makes great pizza...) :cool:
  5. I'd like a big steak, shrimp, asparagus spears and various vegetables cooked in a light olive oil with just a bit of zing added to it. And lots of garlic butter for dipping.
  6. Almost anything I don't have to cook myself after I get home, I'm not picky :D

    I have to figure out what to make for supper tonight after I get home, I have no idea what it's going to be.
  7. shrimp scampi

    fettucini alfredo

    linguini with clams

    lemon chicken served over spaghetti

    calamari stir fry served over carolina rice

    oh wait, those are things I cook

    damn thats a lot of carbs...
  8. I don't care what you cook, as long as you do it naked.
  9. Chicken & biscuits
  10. Chicken and noodles?
  11. I had that last night actually
  12. Steaks would be a good choice as my father in law is a butcher. What cut would you like? Temperature?

    Pizza, ehh, my home made pizza ain't that hot.

    Steaks it is.
  13. But what if I have to fry something? I certainly wouldn't want any hot grease to spatter on to any of my parts. Could I at least wear just an apron?
  14. take one for the team, man
  15. oooh, that's a tough one... you decide the cut, medium rare. :heart:
  16. You wouldn't fry steak would you?! No apron for you!!!
  17. if there's going to be freshly cut medium rare red meat, i'm all over that. hope you've got an extra chair.
  18. Well do you like a larger cut like a porterhouse or would prefer a filet? Or are you a new york strip sort a poerson?

    Personally, a porterhouse for me if I have large appetite or if I'm not that hungry a del monica/rib eye fits the bill.
  19. Pick your cut then.
  20. Mac and cheese.