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Sep 1, 2006
So I'm in some crazy dive bar in Santa Fe NM and there are two bathrooms. One has no sign and the other has a sign that says Goat Show. Which one do I use????
There is a guy in the bar doing his best to convince everyone there is such thing as dick farts.
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If you are posting from a mexican hotel without one of your kidneys tomorrow... well I saw it coming.
A: Just pee in the nearest trashcan
B: Its in your best interest to not ask about the lotion
C: Dick Farts are a traumatic medical condition and can result in a ruptured urethra.
I'm still alive. Around 10 this chick showed up with a milk crate full of random records. Apparently she was their house DJ. One of the guys with me kept going up to her demanding she either play Van Halen or Nazareth. After about the 4th time they kicked him out so I just followed. I didn't have a chance to take many pics because of that and it was super dark in there.


lotion on the bar


The DJs hand drawn flyers printer paper.


not sure why but I found this random flyer very funny

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