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Food Dieting tips

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. So it's Pride season and my body is a travesty. I mean my engagement ring is almost falling off now that I lost a bit of weight, but I still have many pounds to shed.

    I am WiiFitting as well to do some activity + a restricted diet as follows:

    Breakfast: One portion of slim fast low carb powder + half portion of protein powder + 4 oz of water + 4 oz light soy milk.

    Snack: Small portion of fruit or raw veg. About 1 liter of water

    Lunch: One portion of slim fast low carb powder + half portion of protein powder + 4 oz of water + 4 oz light soy milk.

    Snack: Small portion of fruit or raw veg. About 1 liter of water

    Dinner: Salad made of raw veggies and fruits, splash of balsamic vinegar or no dressing at all (no cheese) + main course of a grilled or baked meat of some kind + cooked vegetable + maybe a starch + water

    Dessert: Lowfat pudding or yogurt.

    Snack: Small portion of fruit or raw veg. More water

    I think I should just cut out the eating all together and just drink my "meals" but I get so hungry :(

    Thoughts? Suggestions? I do not have access to a gym in my apartment complex, nor do I have a membership.
  2. how about jogging?
  3. Eat only breakfast lunch and dinner. Eat slowly.
  4. Eat only lunch, and swallow it whole.
  5. Could do that I guess. I need to get some good shoes. Suggestions?

    Also being Texas at the start of summer, 34C and 60% humidity is a bit much to jog in. Hence WiiFit and walking in the park some days.
  6. I do burn the weight quicker eating smaller portions more often throughout the day.
  7. You should only eat when you are hungry, and when you do, just eat slowly. You'd be surprised at how much food you don't really need when you eat slowly.
  8. that does NOT count as exercise :lol: do some real workouts

    at least go for a run and if you don't have weights do some pushups or something

    also, don't go on a purely liquid diet, your body will hate you
  9. Give me all your beers so you won't be tempted to drink them :shady:
  10. That's the exact opposite of what he should do. Eating when you're hungry means that by the time you eat, your metabolism has slowed down and your body has entered into its starvation mode which will store a lot more fat than he would if he were grazing six small meals a day. There isn't a health professional in the country that would recommend eating only twice a day.
  11. This. Alcohol, especially beer, is the absolute worst thing to put into your body when you're trying to lose weight.

    Except maybe pounds of pure lard.
  12. Eating when you are not hungry means you are consuming calories that your body does not need. I didn't mean wait until you are starving when I said eat when you are hungry. I simply meant exactly what I said. Wait until your body has notified you that it wants food, and then feed it.

    The important part about this is that when you eat, you eat slowly.

    And no where did I say to only eat 2 times a day..
  13. There are plenty of things worse than beer.
  14. I have cut my alcohol consumption back quite a bit. I don't drink hardly at all during the week and with the exception of the pool party last weekend, maybe one or two on the weekend. Even that's negotiable.
  15. They aren't mine, they're chim's. Even I am not allowed to drink them lol
  16. Don't eat meals or you'll get cankles like ODS.

    Eat small snacks throught the day to keep up your metabolism and eat healthy. You obviously know that since the only processed food I noticed in your list is the protein.

    Oh and walk around the house naked in heels. It'll help solidify the body image you want. :fly:
  17. That's not true at all. Eating small amounts every few hours, even when you're not hungry, keeps your metabolism going and your energy levels higher which in turn ends up burning more calories. By the time you feel hunger pangs your body is in its starvation mode, meaning its slowed your metabolism and will be storing a lot more fat than it otherwise would.
    You're right, I missed the third part. You're still wrong. Six small meals a day is better for you than three. This whole three meals a day thing only came about in the past few hundred years, our species has been evolving for the past two million to eat whenever it can. You stop eating for six hours and your body thinks there's a shortage of food.
  18. I was exaggerating but it's still very counter-productive.
  19. Like you know anything about dieting you fatty
  20. I do have a pair of stretchy thin pants I want to get back into ;)