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Dedicate a song to a forum member

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Datgurl, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. I dedicate Express Yourself by Madonna to Sizzlinggrace.
    Now your turn. Go go go!

    And whoever says Ass and titties gets some :furry:
  2. i dedicate ass n titties to shockthemonkey.

    edit: :furry::furry::furry::furry::furry::furry:
  3. Open wide :furry:


  4. I want to dedicate Five Man Electrical Band - Signs to all the long haired freaky people on the board. God bless you.
  6. I dedicate "Interracial Homo Cowboy Love" by the Revernd Horton Heat to Desslock :desslock: :heart:

  7. I think this post landed on the wrong forum:wtf:
  8. I dedicate *ummmm bop" by Hanson to fly

  9. I dedicate "Net Porn" to everyone
  10. Public Enemy - Fight the power to Desslock :lol:
  11. I wanna dedicate Weird Al Yankovic's Fat to our resident whale.

    (Vienge isn't registered is he?)
  12. Sweet Jesus. :heart:
  13. I express myself! :o
  14. :lol: listen to the words :cool:
  15. grab your dick and double click!
  16. I dedicate "the crying game" to Drool-Boy

  17. that was a movie you drunken dimwit
  18. Tell that to Boy George...:drool:
  19. guess what the freakin theme song for that movie was? dillhole

  20. karhrma