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dbzeag wants to know if he should join.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. I don't know why he wants this, but he's asking that I take a poll of who thinks he should join. I, for one, want him here.

    Plus we don't want the rainbow rangers coming after us for having a limited gay population.

    c'mon people, show dbzeag some :heart:!
  2. fag love = b7
    edit: because he touches you at night
  3. He can join but hell have to go thru the proving grounds like all the new n00bs do.
    Daves a good guy tho.
  4. QFT.
  6. I have no problems with Dave but to be fair to everyone else he should go throught the noob prooving grounds.

  7. Yeah! Just like the rest of us had to!
    Make 'em see what we had to go through!


  8. I know it was pure torture. :(

  9. This is the second time you've been a shit bag to a possible new member. One more time and you'll find yourself in the Proving Grounds with them.

  10. Oh snap!

    Wait. Is that an internet cliche or a 'other forum' cliche?

    I need a spotting guide or something.
  11. so wtf is the point of noob prooving grounds i dont see anyone prooving anything
  12. I don't think they've quite gotten that bit worked out yet.

    Until then, can we have them work on some calculus proofs?
  13. thats ok
  14. i first heard "oh snap" in the mid 80's in NYC so it obviously predates forums as we know them
  15. yeah, i need someone to do my trig proofs.
  16. you did read the sticky titled this is not your old forum, right?
  17. i have now :p
  18. dave+prooving grounds=:heart: