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GAY Damn do I feel fat

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 10, 2010.


    Welp. Time to hit up the salads and fingers down my throat. I will miss food :(
  2. 27 inch waist is not normal. Not with a chest that size. It'll look like a male barble doll.
  3. :drool:

    To be honest, I think I can only get down to a 30" with his ghetto booty :( I have nice child-birthing hips :(
  4. :(

    I should swap out my chair at work with those exercise balls to always be moving around.
  5. My 32-inch waist says "f*ck you, homo."

    Wait, that's my dick. Sometimes I get the two confused.
  6. I remember my 27" waist :(

    Actually, that would be disgusting on a guy... Ryan's pretty skinny but he's still a 31-32...
  7. Only women and gay men should sit on those exercise balls, I agree.
  8. I'd be afraid of the ball somehow shooting out from under me and slamming my head on my desk.
  9. They're really fun! I used one as my desk chair when I had a computer at home. I'm the biggest klutz you'd ever meet and I only ever fell off of mine once.
  10. dbzeag, come babysit Lilly, I've lost 12 pounds since she's started moving around on her own.
  11. Wait, did you cry about the size or about the $200 you spent on white pleather?


  12. Bwhahaha nice! Too bad I am not back in Cleveland, I would be hunting around my sister's new kid in August!
  13. I did unearth those pants I bought when I was in CA for the [M] meet that DC and Zsasha and chim and I went to. We went to a goth bar and I bought these low-riding 30" stretch pants to go with them. Damn I wish I could fit into them again. You could see the PA through them they were so tight.

    I was in such good shape then :(

  14. Half a brain is all that's needed to understand how retarded fashion is.
  15. 27 inch waist, what the fuck
  16. It's quite simple; to attract the attention of others. I want to look and dress attractively so other attractive people will be receptive and give me artificial validation through crusing. It is indeed quite simple.
  17. I know. I haven't had that since I was a freshman in college :(
  18. lulz, I'm at a 29 waist (and couldn't realistically lose anymore inches on it with removing bone or organs or something), but have never measured my chest.
  19. fuck, i'm thinking high school most likely. Now I'm like a 34-36