D. Sanchez, you bastard


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Oct 14, 2004
So I ordered Ram from Crucial for a writers Powerbook using my CC to cut down on the redtape. A few days pass and I haven't received the package yet. I check my order, it's been shipped. So I check w/ UPS. It's been delivered.

Ok, so I check w/ the receptionist. Have I received any packages? No, I would have put it in your mail box. Back to UPS tracking. Signed by "Sanchez" Guess what? There ain't no Sanchez here. In fact, I'm probably the closest looking to Sanchez in the whole building/office and I sure as hell didn't sign for the package.

Call Crucial. Crucial calls UPS. UPS says they dropped it off at the "loading dock". Guess what? there ain't no loading dock at this building. Crucial promises to get back in contact w/ UPS to find out exactly where my package was delivered.

Here's what I've got to say:
Damn you Sanchez. Damn you to hell for stealing my Ram. I promise to hunt you down Sanchez and make you pay for this trangression.