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Video Cutting the Cheese

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Just get the NFL TODAY SPORTS BALL REDZONE ALL ACCESS DELUX PACKAGE from the satellite on 899.00 per month!
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  2. There are bearing to all the local stations? You fool! Now I can pinpoint your exact location!
  3. Fuck no. Replacing that all with the Ginger Hammer 6000-SUX Pirate package.
  4. So, I picked up a new receiver over the weekend since a lightning strike took out either the HDMI output or the passthrough component of my existing one, making it essentially worthless as a home theater device.

    So, spent some hours unconnecting then reconnecting the Steamlink, Playstation, Cable, and PC media streamer. Got it all hooked back up. The Denon has a cool feature where they give you this cheap microphone that you place where you sit and it generates white noise to optimize surround sound balance. Did a good job of it too.

    However, and this sucks, it won't, for some fucking reason, allow a device that converts display port to HDMI to see the TV. Must be some kind of fucking filter on the passthrough. Which, essentially, makes my media station worthless.

    I tested the same connection and cable with a straight HDMI PC, works find. It's just displayport to HDMI it doesn't like.

    So, I'm looking to get a wifi enabled mini with HDMI out to replace it with. Seeing some priced around $99, sans wireless KB &/or mouse. Anyone have any they have used? Looking for something with a NUC size footprint.
  5. its fucking with the copy protection bitstream i bet.

    What was your old receiver that got toasted?
  6. A Sony. Don't remember the model # right off hand but it wasn't very old. Maybe 5 years or so. I haven't cracked the case yet to see if it's an easy fix. Might do so before putting it on ebay or whatever for $50.

    And you might be on to something. There was mention in a few places in the online support forums about CP and how it applies to the HDMI passthrough.
  7. Then get rid of your ghetto media station and just pick up a Roku.
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  8. Inorite?
    Even a filthy cabbie like me has two Rokus.
    Hey @Darth Handsome what's the plural of Roku?
  9. Rokaii?
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  10. I think the plural might be the same as the singular..."Suzie the whore bought a Roku, even tho one of her John's had a house full of Roku..."
  11. Well just refer to them as a herd
    A herd of roku
    Same as nuns
    To avoid confusion
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  12. That sounds latin-ish, Roku sounds like it has an Asian origin. If we go with Japanese, it might be Roku-tachi or Rokuroku?
    Both of those are somewhat bad pluralizations from what I can tell, though.
  13. No were going with herd
    A herd of roku
  14. Fair enough.
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  15. Our DTV contract isn't up till Dec 3rd. :rolleyes:

    May just eat the ETF. It'd get paid for in a couple months.
  16. So I shipped my pants yesterday for the first time ever.
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  17. what?
  18. She ate too much turkey bacon. Posted all about it on that lame social media shit.

    Should probably ban her again.
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  20. wait why the group hug at the end? the rest of the commercial makes perfect sense
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