Hawt Curtis Got Slapped By A WHITE Teacher!!!!

how about some cliffs for those that SA is blocked at work?

Black womans 9 year old kid got slapped by a white teacher. School admits it, teacher admits it. Psychotic black mum writes 40 page letter detailing what she wants in return for her property being damaged.

List includes $250,000 to be paid in 10 postal orders or silver coin
All expenses trip for 5 to Disneyworld.
Free jazz lessons for the next 9 years
Gift vouchers for Walmart
All utility bills paid for next 9 years
Free education for junior up to Masters level
Her mortgage paid off
Teacher to lose teaching certificate for life
Music teacher to be sacked as she didn't explain rhythm very well
No-one may use her, her husbands or her sons name in writing without permission and payment of fee
Any meetings will be charged at $6000 for up to 45 minutes

A consulting position with the Kansas City School Board @ $15,000 per month
Free Golds Gym membership for 9 years
Free medical and dental
A new car plus upgrades to existing car

etc etc

This is the Mom

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What's funny is how many people are commenting on her demands, and ignoring the fact that she's a blatantly racist bitch.
Curtis Bowen has a million dollar face. She slapped 1/4 of his face so give me $250K. Awesome.