Criminal Justice Retardation

FlamingGlory said:
You generally cant take pictures of cops so they can be individually identified.

This isnt new.
I doubt you'll find many, if any, laws against taking pictures of a crime scene in public view that existed before 9/11. That being said the sheer idea that cops can arrest you for taking pictures of something that a news team would have access to - and media organizations are and have always been allowed to film anything and everything they can see from the yellow tape - is absolutely absurd.

One of the very first things any forensics class will teach you is that creating a shroud of secrecy around a crime scene is a direct violation of the first amendment. In every criminal justice program in the nation students are immediately taught strict adherance to 1, 4 and 5. It's sad that those rules are broken so callously.

Cops don't have any kind of protection from being identified. There no laws on th books against what he did. As long as one does not cross the crime scene tape any civilian is allowed to observe any crime scene from public property. To arrest him for being the recipient of loose photons captured by a sensor in his phone in addition to his retina is somehow obstruction? This is far more absurd than the Brits letting their criminals go free. This is showing us yet again that any of us could be thrown in jail for something that none of us consider a crime.