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Crikey! Double-sided firewalls is a fun topic to write about!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dastrike, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Or: Isn't procrastination wonderful? :D

    There just is no information out there about this. :wtf:

    All searches on similar terms just lead to in best cases to the use of multiple firewalls in parallel in serial, ad nauseam. But nothing about firewalls that are basically being control nazis in the outside direction as well (e.g. protecting corporate confidential data from leaking out accidentaly).

    Ah well, I'll have to do the best about this situation. I do still have 22 hours left. :)

    And why does this thread exist? I dunno. Generic discussion on how procrastination can backfire badly? The metaphysical properties of the philosophical concept of firewalls? Let's see where this leads.

  2. This thread made me think of double-sided dildos :o :fly:

    Anyway, Be sure to post the paper once you are done :)

    Have you tried Wikipedia ;)
  3. Wow. Never heard of that. Not sure I'd call something that prevents data from getting out a firewall, but what the fuck do I know?

  4. Now that would be a strange topic to write a short paper on, especially in Network Security... "Double-sided dildo hacked by Chinese!!!1½"

    I don't think there are many here who can read Swedish... ;)

    And wikipedia is of no help really regarding this very specific issue (how the current net security situation looks like regarding double-sided firewalls, and how one can improve it).

    What I have planned is that if I don't miraculously find any great information about this is to mince together some more generic stuff about how such firewalls technically work and discuss some stuff around that. I have already asked the lecturer for some assistance regarding this about a week ago [I did start searching about this about 1½ weeks ago and ran into a brick wall... So I asked for help], so the lecturer fired up his cluster of computers that performs a pretty much thorough searching using many many many search engines and compiles a result from that...
    ...but the results don't contain anything relevant really to this issue still. Lovely. Anyways, he said that if I don't find exactly what I am supposed to find, then I should take up some more generically regarding the functionality of double-sided firewalls and stuff.

    I'm going to bed "soon" to get some sleep at least, it is now 02:18 here. Then continue like a madman until either I give up or this is done. :D
  5. Oh. That sounds like a pretty good plan. Is your school stricltly "Swedish"? Like are all the lectures in Swedish and stuff? I assume since you said "no one here can read swedish; that means you write papers in Swedish as well" Pretty interesting stuff

    I guess double-sided firewalls are for the ultra paranoid - right?
  6. Pretty crazy for people in Sweededn to totally talk in Sweedish huh? :fly:

  7. Haha.
    Well, He seems to know English pretty well; So I thought maybe some of his classes MIGHT be in English.

    But what the fuck do I know :(
  8. Maybe they are. I dunno either. It was just funnah to say. :heart:
  9. *waits for dastrikes reply*
  10. Lectures are in Swedish.
    Course literature is mostly (>90%) in English. Rest in Swedish.

    I could write this paper in English as well though... I have already started in Swedish, so I'll continue on that path. Not that much paper-writing in this education though... This is the first one in a long long time.

    And double-sided firewalls of this kind are really mostly for large organizations that want to try to have some degree of control on what data leaves the network.
  11. Ah, Nice.

    Would a "software based" firewall be considered a double-sided firewall in a sense?

    As, it does give you control of incoming/outgoing traffic?
  12. All firewalls are in software to a certain extent. Even a braindead network level portblocker is good to have some software in it...

    And it depends a bit. According to this definition that I am given it appears that such a firewall needs to be able to poke around on the application layer in order to effectively be able to match data that is not to be leaked out. So a sort of proxy implementation would be good for such.

    It's all about semantics... a stateful multi-layer inspection firewall that is configured to be a nazi outwards as well could perhaps fall under such a definition. I am not the one to consult about the semantics of this really...
  13. um...that went over my head :(
  14. Firewall = good :)
    Paper to write = boring :(
    Procrastination = bad :mad:
  15. I have a firewall up. :o
    It keeps me from downloading anything from direct connect though :(

    paper to write= mine is about bisexuality...could be worse :p

    procrastination= like masturbation, good until you realize you just fucked yourself :o
  16. oh my.
  17. About that TPS report. Yeah, Im really gonna need you to post that one. For research. thx

  18. stapler....
  19. :fly:
  20. i was just about to say that, bastard. :o