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Corporatocracy at its finest. Some interesting info from the FED audit.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Dec 23, 2010.


    Please Ron Paul, kill this fucking thing. We obviously can't manually manage the economy.
  2. Don't cry for me Argentiiiiiina.....
  3. loans in the trillions?
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    sounds like some serious tinfoil hat shit. are there other sources that can verify this?
  5. Yea, he just got out on bail though so give him some time.
  6. You can either read the audit, or trust Bernie Sanders - who was the US Senator that wouldn't shut up about the FED audit.
  7. I would trust him more if he was a Colonel instead of a Senator.
  8. "The dots just connect themselves; they're not even pretending anymore. "

    As long as conservative tea party types keep being stuck on 'Us versus them', we're never going to be able to purge the system.

    Rick Scott, for example.

    This is why education loses funding year after year after year. Because those in power WANT the population to be fucking stupid.
  9. Its called a two party system. And its unlikely that will EVER change.
  10. Educational expenses ballooned in the late nineties and early two thousands and kids still got dumber. Despite what the dems preach, throwing money at a problem won't fix it.
  11. inorite? why waste money on our own people when it could be much better spent blowing up other countries
  12. :clap:
  13. The source is pretty solid. Matt Taibbi. What's interesting is that he is usually labeled a radical leftist.
  14. Well, if true, who could possibly agree with the FED loaning $2T to anyone...
  15. Nobody. That's outrageous.

    But if you read the quoted article, Taibbi accuses Obama of being in bed with corporate America. That is, he is willfully enabling wall street to screw us over again.
  17. I heard obamas reelection campaign budget might be a billion dollars. A billion dollars to win a 300k/year job...

    Who the fuck is he going to owe? You don't get a billion dollars without having some serious agendas too push..
  18. There you go again... Trying to use one shitty decision to validate another shitty decision. Who's in the driver seat now still blowing up other countries instead if saying fuck it and pulling out? Still waiting for the change.
  19. you fail to understand that without reinvestment into our country we're going to keep the country in a downward spiral. spending on education and health care are good things but you seem to have been brainwashed beyond the point where you can still recognize that. the wars shouldn't be fought at all and they are at the expense of our own internal well being.
  20. the problem is that merely throwing money at education and health care is not going to solve anything. the problems with the system go far beyond merely funding. those problems need to be fixed for any amount of money to actually do some good