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Jun 9, 2006
So some friends are coming over for dinner tomorrow and they have some interesting health concerns.

One is allergic to shellfish. That is fine because I hate fish in general so I wasn't going to prepare any anyway.

The other, however, is allergic to gluten, casein, and is vegan.

Any recipe ideas I could use?
I am reading some recipes on online and getting very grossed out by them :vomit:
I think maybe I will do varying types of ice cubes in different shapes, served with a side of water.
What about Shish Kabob? Do a few all veggie ones.

Can a vegan eat pasta?

Oh shishkabob is a great idea.

Pasta is ok for vegans (it's just a flour with salt if you don't include egg noodles) but this vegan is also gluten intolerant so pasta is a no no.
Serve lettuce over a bed of lettuce, then you and Chim eat the real food, full of gluten and meat and make sure you make lots of "mmm, this is so good, Oh wow, cow has never been better, oh this used to be baby lamb is delicious." and stuff like that.
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