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Cookie Lottery

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. okay, since i'm feeling all warm and fuzzy since this new forum came into my life, i thought i'd try to randomly give back to the people that make it so great. theac can attest to how awesome my cookies/cookiebars are, so i figure what the hell, i'll make some more for one of you lucky posters.

    here's the deal: i'm gone this weekend, but if you want a shot at cookies, post in here. i'll collect names and randomly draw a name from a hat (pics and witness provided for fairness) and then annouce the winner. that person gets to choose the type of baked goods, and then i'll send them to that person.

    ready, set, go!
  2. cookies or i'm sending you to the proving grounds.
  3. It sounds rigged, but what the hell, I'll throw my name in the mix
  4. that's so not fair!

    im me when i get back...
  5. it's very much not, i promise..
    oh yeah, buzosugoi is ineligible. sorry babe:heart:
  6. whatever. you know i you wanted to send me cookies anyways :)
  7. :cool: Look forward to my one in 70 chance!!
  8. Yum, cookies
  9. hay i liek cookiez
  10. I thought you liekd bier
  11. OMG :heart: baked goods :drool:
  12. I sure do
    i liek boobies as well
  13. What kind of cookies?
  14. I want cookies :D
  15. gogoGO!!! :D

    I was going to entirely stop the cookie thing myself, but maybe I'll reconsider now.
  16. i will take the cookies, the rest of you could stand to lose a few pounds

  17. stfu fatty
  18. Naughty Chef Outfit
  19. I don't have one :o