Contest: Name that tune

shawndavid said:
Not having insight on thrawn's collection probably isn't much to sweat. He'll probably break out some porn soundtracks soon.

You know, that gives me an idea for a clip :lol:
eileenbunny said:
I'd rather nail your dick to a board than listen to them either.

They aren't my fave either. I hear them on local radio so much that I knew it though.
I'm at a bar waiting for a chick so I'm out for the night on the game. Will resume tomorrow if it's still going.
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eileenbunny said:
No, mostly I was saying that I want to inflict pain upon your manhood, that is if I can find it. I wonder if Ape will loan me her kit.
Now you say that.
theacoustician said:
Here's the clip that will trip some people up that I mentioned earlier. No points if you get it, just something to do till thrawn says if the answer has been found.

that sounds like brandi carlile but a live version of a song, not off the album
theacoustician said:
I know who, but not what ...

That's why its hard. It is on an album though.

I should correct that, it is not of the regular album. It sounds like it is off the cd she sells at her shows of live recordings.