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Oct 13, 2004

The study said that the trans fat mokey gained 7% of its body weight while the non trans fat monkey gained 2% of it's body weight... so in relation to human terms, in 6 years a 150 pound man would gain 16 pounds in 6 years as opposed to 3 pounds over 6 years... those 13 pounds don't make one obese, as the article was talking about obesity. Further it went on to say that obesity was more a result of caloric intake rather than trans fats.

The ONLY real health concern with trans fats is chronic heart disease, more specifically, CHD in WOMEN.

unless the person was working out, that's 13 pounds of FAT...given the generally lazy and sedentary lifestyle most people in the US live, that's pretty much a guarantee it's fat :p

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Oct 15, 2004
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You don't have to do anything. Im not the gov't telling you what to do.

In the public square I have the right to free speech and say whatever I please but this is a privately owned forum and thus subject to the rules and regulations of the proprietor. I'll watch my language just as if I were in your home. :)


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Oct 19, 2004
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That's their own damned fault. Research the food you eat or quit bitching but just because a bunch of fatasses are pissed off because a Big Mac gave them cottage cheese thighs and love handles does not mean I should be prohibited from eating whatever the fuck I please nor should a business owner be forced to change his menu. He wants to sell me a cheeseburger full of trans fats, I want to eat a cheeseburger full of trans fats. It's between me and the business owner. The fascist fatasses bitching about this can choose to eat a fucking salad but stay the hell out of my diet.

We're not "free" to know what's going into our bodies. If you don't know what's going into your body you are "free" to choose to avoid eating that. If you don't like eating at a restaurant that doesn't publish nutrition information that's your choice but I should be allowed to do so. I hate laws that protect people from their own fucking stupidity.

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Because this shit pisses me off. This is why I can't go home and smoke a fucking joint after work. This is why I can't carry my firearm if I decide to go into Chicago, one of the most crime ridden cities in the nation. This is why I can't buy a new car without a GPS tracking system that tells anyone with the capability of manipulating On-Star's service where I am. This is why I can't buy a violent video game without having to pull out my ID.

Yes I'm pitching a goddamn conniption because right now there are men and women in a shithole of a country putting their lives on the line for someone else's freedom, people being shot at by those with the attitudes that their narrow minded ideals should dictate the morality of others yet people in this fucking country are happy to sign away the very concepts of liberty to feel safer, to pass the blame onto someone else so they don't have to take some fucking responsibility for their own actions.

I am tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane. :mad:

I can't give you any more rep. :(

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