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Commuter afflictions

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Syrup Beaver, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. We all occasionally get the 'coffee printed' shirt, and 'nev coats his car with Cherry Coke from time to time.

    And then there's the donut sprinkles in your pockets, and the donut powder all over your dark clothes.

    The worst one has to be 'muffin butt' though, where you spill crumbs and clumps from a muffin and it works it's way underneath your butt on the seat and sticks.
  2. I dont really eat in my vehicle that much
    My wife always throws the little wrapper from her drink straws in the door pocket of my truck tho.
  3. I had a chick do that once. I've found if you give them a good beating, like a serios Rick James style beating, they stop.
  4. I'm a pretty disgusting guy at times, so I get the "I need to blow my nose so I reach to find a Kleenex or napkin just to find that it has been used 10 minutes ago" issues.
  5. I spend like 4 hours a day in my car, I eat, drink, whiz, shower, shave, and perform home dentistry in there.
  6. Eating in my car is punishable by death.
  7. Did you smash her head into the dashboard?
  8. ah, see my commute is like 15 minutes each way
  9. I eat in my car quite often, actually. Surprising as that may sound. And I think the cherry coke incident has permanently muxed up my driver's side locking mechanism.

  10. a skinny little thing like you needs to eat as often as you can
  11. You could just steal a door from another malibu
  12. He's gonna waste away, get that boy some chocolate cake
  13. They had a thing on the radio this morning about what your star wars name would be.

    Take the last three letters of your first name and reverse them
    Then take the model of the first car that you have owned
    and finally add "from the planet" and the name of your last prescription medication.

    Mine would be "Niv Malibu from the planet I don't even remember"
  14. I almost bought a chocolate chocolate chip muffin, but it would have filled me up for the day.
  15. And you would've had muffin butt.
  16. Lra Cutlass Supreme from the Planet Versed
  17. ohhh, Lra. Very sexy in a wookie kind of way.
  18. Ick Maverick from the planet ?
  19. Viagra?

  20. the last perscription I had was some ointment for a scratch I got on my freakin eyeball that got infected