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I’m always wet in my basement area
Sep 23, 2006
Madison, WI
Powers out. Tree limb took out the line.

Fios is up for the time being thanks to the car battery ups I put in.
we didn't lose power, but my work was closed again today, which is cool bc the pickup truck they plow my road with didn't swing through until like 11am. we've both missed a bunch of work days recently bc of snow and ice where they WEREN'T closed since roads were better in town (thanks to actual weather differences as well as better cleanup efforts thx to higher population) and my bank account is hurting. I don't have enough for the mortgage unless I deplete the line of credit I was finally managing to get paid down & skip paying back loans and medical bills. i wish I had a marketable skill like some art something or other that I could run as a side hustle, but I can't art for shit :lol:
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