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GAY Combo Breaker Spam Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. ya baba, i cant even dream of buying those
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  2. thomann has started making decent uprights (3/4ths too) starting at around 500usd
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  3. If you get serious about good uprights, look into Kremona made in Bulgaria. Fully carved, under $4000. Go to Bob Golihurs site he's the sole vendor.
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  4. i remember!! ill ask my brother to keep a look out when hes back home :)
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  5. Its like heaven, Adi
    Can we all go?
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  6. fuck it Im going for beers then heading home
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  7. Think about me naked on the fourth one.
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  8. ya baba. ill make them an offer they cant refuse:shifty::p
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  9. :hi2u:
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  10. Dammmmmm, Martha Stewart lookin goooood.
  11. Painting elbow macaroni gold is a fetish now ?
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  12. Gnarly skimboarder
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  15. godammit giphy
  16. lol ikr?