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GAY Combo Breaker Spam Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Sounds like my first dorm in the military.
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  2. I remember back when I was a kid before Sams they had Walmart, Super Walmart, Hypermart, and Super Hypermart. The Hypermarts were the orginal grocery and normal store with the Super Hupermarts being the orginal Sams and Costcos.
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  5. All the old CompUSA's and CirciutCity's are corporate owned workout gym spaces now.

    It's a cyclical stock. Buy in late November, sell in February.
  6. Back on the creep report subject:
    I was in line this morning at the all night Walmart and the lady in front of me dropped a tomato.
    I got down on my knees and dug it out from under the display shelf.
    She told me to put my groceries with hers, I giggled and politely tried to decline.

    She then Insisted to the checkout person to ring my groceries up with hers.
    I was shocked! All I did was retrieve her tomato. I thanked her for the gift and told her I'd add her to my prayers (her name is Blessing for those of you who pray).

    I offered to escort her to her vehicle for safety and she thanked me. About 20 feet from her car she said "there's my car" so I bowed off and thanked her again.

    One should be able to tell when a woman is no longer comfortable with ones male presence.
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  7. Typical Walton family. They believe their employees are slaves.
  8. Before I pray for Blessing I have one question: how much was the bill for your groceries?
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  9. This makes me happy to watch

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  10. $10. More than I've ever spent on a stranger without alterior motives, 5%.
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  11. Not his first rodeo. I must have missed it but I didn’t see a final date stamp.
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  12. Does charing the boards for the roof serve a purpose other than asthetics?
  13. it hardens the wood
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  14. Also I'm guessing that he worked right from spring into winter from the time lapse of the video. That was a fuckton of hand labor.
  15. The first date said April.
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  16. Doesn't sound too creepy, Nukes.
    Try harder next time.
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  17. Now I want to watch Alone in the Wilderness.
    Dick was a real man.
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  18. The dog did more than his share of the work just by being there.
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  19. No, I think it's this