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GAY Combo Breaker Spam Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. :D
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  2. :lol: I could totally see myself using one for maybe a month, tops.
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  3. Your cats would be too much of a tripping hazard with a treadmill.

    Plus you'd have to keep @Mr. Asa and his airplanes away from it.
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  4. And that one side of the story. Hardly makes for a good position to give advice from.
  5. Nice. I like that one.
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  6. And then it's time to test that plane taking off thing.
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  7. Inorite! I've told @Applesauce that I wouldn't mind driving a Nissan Elgrand. She hates vans though.
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  9. Goddamn auto parser. @my little brony @Jehannum @fly @APRIL

    Response is as follows:

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  10. hopefully the problem isn't 402 :lol:
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  11. best thing ive read in a long time.
  12. :fly: @ payload too large
  13. ill admit, i had to look up some of the codes.
  14. oh I clicked on all of them, 404 and 503 are the only ones I see often enough to remember :p
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  15. We have to eat with an indecisive vegan tonight.

  16. Is he corn fed, or grass fed?
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  17. Better be grass fed given the aggravation.
  18. Then I suggest a dry red to go with whatever you carve off of him and throw on the grill.
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