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Hawt College Football Week 9 v. This time I have the right games.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Coqui, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I'm smelling an upset Saturday. Either I'm going to be horribly wrong with my picks this week or I'm going to look like a genius. The majority of these upsets however will be happening in unranked teams.

    Reminder that the game is listed under the home team's conference.

    Conference Power Rankings:
    Conf. 	AP      Computer   Rate         Rank Rate Change 
    SEC 	1  	3 	   92.9 	1 	  0.9 
    Pac-10  3  	2 	   89.5 	2 	  1.3 
    Big Ten 4  	2 	   88.9 	3 	  -0.5 
    Big 12 	5  	1 	   85.5 	4 	  -2.3 
    MWC 	4  	6 	   75.2 	5 	  1.6 
    WAC 	6  	7 	   52.3 	6 	  0.9 
    ACC 	7  	5 	   43.7 	7 	  4.7 
    BigEast 8  	8 	   21.0 	8 	  -6.3 
    C-USA 	9  	9 	   16.8 	9 	  -0.5 
    MAC 	10 	10 	   13.8 	10 	  0.8 
    SunBelt 11 	11 	   10.6 	11 	  0.9 

    Thursday, October 28
    7:30PM #16 Florida State @ North Carolina State

    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM Clemson @ Boston College
    12:00PM #22 Miami (FL) @ Virginia
    3:30PM Wake Forest @ Maryland
    3:30PM William & Mary @ North Carolina

    Big 12

    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM #17 Oklahoma State @ Kansas State
    2:00PM Kansas @ Iowa State
    3:30PM Texas Tech @ Texas A&M
    3:30PM #6 Missouri @ #14 Nebraska
    7:00PM #25 Baylor @ Texas
    9:15PM Colorado @ #9 Oklahoma

    Notes: Nebraska gets back on track and I can't pick Baylor against Texas

    Big East

    Friday, October 29
    8:00PM West Virginia @ Connecticut

    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM Louisville @ Pittsburgh
    12:00PM Syracuse @ Cincinnati

    Notes: Cincy with the upset

    Big Ten

    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM Northwestern @ Indiana
    12:00PM Purdue @ Illinois
    3:30PM #5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa
    8:00PM Michigan @ Penn State
    8:00PM #11 Ohio State @ Minnesota

    Notes: I think the hunger will be there for Iowa, and MSU has to Sparty it up sometime.

    Conference USA

    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM UAB @ Southern Miss
    3:00PM UTEP @ Marshall
    3:30PM East Carolina @ UCF
    3:30PM Southern Methodist @ Tulane
    7:00PM Houston @ Memphis


    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM Virginia Military Institute @ Army
    2:30PM Tulsa @ Notre Dame
    3:30PM Duke @ Navy

    Notes: Is it bad that I actually contemplated Tulsa laying the smack down on Notre Ame?

    Mid-American Conference

    Saturday, October 30
    12:00PM Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan
    1:00PM Akron @ Temple
    2:00PM Louisiana-Lafayette @ Ohio
    3:30PM Miami (OH) @ Buffalo
    3:30PM Bowling Green @ Central Michigan
    3:30PM Ball State @ Kent State
    4:00PM Toledo @ Eastern Michigan

    Mountain West

    Saturday, October 30
    2:00PM San Diego State @ Wyoming
    6:00PM New Mexico @ Colorado State
    7:30PM #8 Utah @ Air Force
    11:00PM #4 TCU @ UNLV

    Pac 10

    Saturday, October 30
    3:30PM California @ Oregon State
    3:30PM #15 Arizona @ UCLA
    7:00PM Washington State @ Arizona State
    7:00PM #13 Stanford @ Washington
    8:00PM #2 Oregon @ USC


    Saturday, October 30
    12:21PM Tennessee @ #20 South Carolina
    3:30PM Florida vs. Georgia
    6:00PM #1 Auburn @ Mississippi
    7:00PM Kentucky @ #21 Mississippi State
    7:00PM Vanderbilt @ #19 Arkansas

    Notes: Probably the most meaningless World's Largest Cocktail party ever.

    Sun Belt

    Saturday, October 30
    3:00PM North Texas @ Western Kentucky
    3:30PM Troy @ Louisiana-Monroe
    4:00PM Florida International @ Florida Atlantic


    Tuesday, October 26
    8:00PM Louisiana Tech @ #3 Boise State

    Saturday, October 30
    4:00PM San Jose State @ New Mexico State
    10:30PM Utah State @ #24 Nevada
    11:30PM Idaho @ Hawaii

    NCAA Games of the Week -

    #5 Michigan State at #18 Iowa
    #6 Missouri at #14 Nebraska
  2. I think missouri might pull it off.
  3. Mizzou winning would be expected....I just feel the upset coming on that one.
  4. Of Course the 4th week in a row, the #1 team is having an away game.......maybe I should have picked Ole Miss to win

  5. Kansas over iowa state? they beat ga tech but got required by north dakota state. I wasn't even aware north dakota had colleges, much less college athletics.
  6. Transitive property does not work well in college football. It doesn't matter who beat them. And like I said, either I'm going to look real bad or look like a genius with these picks.
  7. The only thing in PSU's favor, is that the game is in Happy Valley.
  8. You forgot a defense that can make PSU's offense look good.
  9. And that they are playing Michigan
  10. We should have a vBet to see if Robinson gets injured AGAIN.
  11. h8
  12. Maybe some can knock him out of his shoelaces within the next month.
  13. I hope they can grow him a little more next off season, hes so small. :hs: AND PUT SOME GOD DAMNED SHOELACES IN, YOUR FUCKING SHOES COME OFF RETARD.
  14. Based off of Forcier's growth, I don't think that will be a priority for Dick Wad
  15. You don't have a crappy OL and a true freshman Qb.
  16. We'll see who's the crappier team! :p
  17. You don't have a defense as porous as swiss cheese.

    54th ranked rushing defense and 111th ranked passing defense.

    I could get a high QB rating against that secondary.
  18. In the's Minnesota
  19. Well I was right about this week being upsets so far. Just didn't pick this upset.
  20. Fucking Ponder needs to get his head right. wtf.