Hawt College Football Week 14 v. Championship Week


Piccolo Pete
Oct 14, 2004
Columbus, OH
Reminder that the game is listed under the home team's conference.

Conference Power Rankings:
Conf. 	AP      Computer  Rate  Rank     Rate Change 
SEC 	1 	2 	  96.1 	1 	 -1 
Big Ten 2 	4 	  90.3 	2 	 1.6 
Big 12 	3 	1 	  90.1 	3 	 -0.8 
Pac-10	4 	3 	  86.0 	4 	 -1.1 
MWC 	6 	6 	  60.6 	5 	 1 
WAC 	5 	7 	  59.4 	6 	 -4.3 
ACC 	7 	5 	  46.3 	7 	 4.7 
BigEast 8 	8 	  23.9 	8 	 2.7 
C-USA 	10 	9 	  16.7 	9 	 -1.3 
MAC 	9 	10 	  14.0 	10 	 0.8
SunBelt 11 	11 	  9.3 	11 	 -0.5

Thursday, December 2
8:00PM ET Arizona State at #23 Arizona

Friday, December 3
7:00PM ET #25 Northern Illinois vs. Miami (OH)
10:15PM ET Illinois at Fresno State

Saturday, December 4
12:00PM ET Rutgers at #24 West Virginia
12:00PM ET Southern Methodist at UCF
12:00PM ET Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
2:00PM ET Troy at Florida Atlantic
3:00PM ET Utah State at #11 Boise State
3:00PM ET #17 Nevada at Louisiana Tech
3:30PM ET #2 Oregon at Oregon State
4:00PM ET #1 Auburn vs. #19 South Carolina
Note: This was a tough one to call. The Iron Bowl may have some lingering effect on Auburn. Lattimore has the potential for a field day and if he can wear down the defense, SC will get the upset. I have a feeling Newton will have to pull another comeback. Let's see if it will be enough though.

5:00PM ET San Jose State at Idaho
6:00PM ET Middle Tennessee at Florida International
7:00PM ET Washington at Washington State
7:45PM ET #21 Florida State vs. #15 Virginia Tech
Note: I expect the Hokies to dominate on the offensive side of the ball. However, there could be an upset brewing depending on if the momentum from last week carries over.

8:00PM ET #9 Oklahoma vs. #13 Nebraska
Note: With the Black Shirts, I think the Huskers will eke out the victory.

8:00PM ET Connecticut at South Florida
10:30PM ET USC at UCLA
10:30PM ET UNLV at Hawaii





u mad bro? :p

Ohio State loses to a top 10 team and drops 15 spots.
Alabama loses to a top 20 team and drops 5 spots.

Yeah I get upset at the obvious bias that happens in rankings when it comes to what happens in football.

(The above was an example, not specific to anything that occurred this year.
watching the SEC championship at my club on their 103" lcd :cool:
I'm too cheap to watch it in person for $1500 a tic despite it being 4 blocks away
So Duke, how many 'Noles fans are making the journey? Because we know we're partying with at least 20,000 of our closest friends on Saturday.
So Duke, how many 'Noles fans are making the journey? Because we know we're partying with at least 20,000 of our closest friends on Saturday.

When you are all cozy in your seats, and you see a wave of tomahawk chopping garnet and gold coming at you and, for a moment, you actually feel the fear and terror Custer felt at Little Big Horn, then you will have your answer.
Somehow I highly doubt that's going to happen. And if it does, we're going to retreat to the safety and comfort of the box suite that our Athletic Department Board drinking buddies are sitting in.